Loran antenna cable

Is there an extension cable available for the Loran antenna? I would like to mount the M2 and Loran module inside a building and run antenna cables to the antennas on the roof peak.


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You can use any standard antenna cable extension cable. There will be a minor signal loss depending on the length and quality of the cable.

Hi @cedargeo,

We usually don’t recommend extending LoRa radio since it may degrade the signal quality. That’s why we don’t provide an extension cable in our store.

However, if your setup requires extending LoRa radio, you can try to find a needed cable in a local electronic shop. The LoRa radio module uses a 1.25 mm pitch JST-GH 7pin connector. Reach S2 port is SM07B-GHS-TB, and its corresponding connector is GHR-07V-S.

As an alternative, I’d suggest taking a look at our Emlid Caster. It’s designed to transmit corrections from your base to rovers using the Internet. If you are interested, we have a short video on our YouTube channel.

The radio will have significant signal loss with a long cable.

I would recommend making an extension cable on the wires that connect the LoRa Radio to the M2. Put your radio module in a weather proof box (with ventilation) up on the roof peak.

The other option would be to buy a 900 Mhz booster. I have used this one https://www.teletronics.com/12-105.pdf with two other GPS/radio systems.

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