LoRa Verification and Logging

Wasn’t able to find any forum topics or docs on this but is there a method to verify if my m+ rover accepted LoRa corrections from a base station post process? I am able to view it working when out checking in the field.

Do you mean how to log the corrections for use with later post-processing? I not sure I completely understand the question, sorry.

So I guess I can further refine the question into two separate but related question due to my limited assumptions of how the system works.

  1. How does LoRa corrections on the rover work? Is it already factored into the position data when its traveling? or is this stored separately into a .nav file?
  2. If the LoRa corrections are stored in a separate file, at what point in the post processing would this data be included? Is it during the RTKPost step?

With most GNSS systems there are no logs to download when it is in RTK mode. This is one nice feature of Reach receivers because you can RTK and log at the same time. That said RTK is just really really fast PPK. Keeping it simplified the rover is just comparing it’s distance from each satellite it is tracking a carrier wave for with the distance reported by the base and closing the loop on a triangulation. If you keep logging on the files will be stored normally as if you were doing just PPK. If you do not have logging on there are no files easily accessible to be used. When doing post-processing RTKCONV using the UBX to produce the RINEX OBS and NAV files which RTKPOST then uses to produce the POS file.


Yep, I always log the raw data at the rover when using the RTN or radio RTK. It’s good to have in case of a questionable point location. If it’s a point in a difficult area, I usually log a minimum of 5 minutes or more. If it’s questionable, I’ll PP with the base later at the office and compare the positions.


Thanks! I think that kind of answers my question - follow-up question:

My current workflow doesn’t use the rover’s nav whatsoever - with the info above how would I get the data included in the post processing? Is this as simple as adding the .nav file along with my base RINEX nav file in RTKPOST?

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That’s correct, but I don’t know if you need both though. I only use PPK for our UAV and use just the drone’s (rover) NAV. Someone else may be more familiar with more in-depth RTKLIB use.

You only generally need the NAV data from one source either the rover or the base when you are doing ppk or post process static. This is because the double differencing technique to derive the baseline vectors is only performed for satellites that are able to be observed by both the base and rover over the given time period. So either NAV file will have the necessary information and adding a second file won’t really add anything to your process (unless one of the files has a problem).


Ok, thanks for your help!

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