LoRA stuck in Single Solution

Hi everyone,
Thank you for all your advice. It’s been very useful!

I’ve run a 24 hour obs over the same datum and obtained PPP results from NRCAN. Do these results look more usable?

Dropbox link includes Rinex and UBX data and NRCAN full output.

Thanks in advance

Hi Jerry,

The coordinates of the estimated position look fine as for the single-band receiver. However, I see that there are 0% of fixed ambiguities. That means that the position can be not the most accurate at the moment. You’ve processed the data in Ultra-rapid mode. This mode provides the data every 90 minutes. However, we recommend waiting for Rapid or Final mode. Those modes give more precise ephemerides and clock offsets. Here’s a part of the guide explaining the difference between those modes.

It’s better to wait for some period of time when at least Rapid is available and to process the data once again.


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