Lora - RTK config

Hello. I have been using my RS2 for 2 years and have been having trouble working on RTK for about a month. I only reach a few hundred meters with a fix, when before in the same place I reached several kilometers. Could you help me?
I tried to change the configuration as the tutorial shows, also change the base x the rover but the problem persists.

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Are you using a base/rover combination with LoRa radios or how are you transmitting/receiving the corrections?

Hi @raulmazzucco,

Are your base and rover located on the line of sight?

Do you mean the tips from the LoRa tunning guide?

Yes, they are in line of sight. Go from fix to Single.
Try the settings the LoRa tunning guide does not improve either.

Hi @raulmazzucco,

Can you please record 10-15 minutes logs and share them with me? I’ll need:

  • raw data logs from both base and rover
  • position log from the rover
  • RTCM3 log from the rover

You can share them here or via support@emlid.com.

Also, please check if it’s possible to get a Fix on the rover if you transmit corrections via the Internet. To test it, you can use Emlid Caster, for instance. It’ll help us make sure that the issue is not in the process of calculating the Fix.

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