LoRa Repeaters

Hi Team,
We are working on an application that involves transmitting data from radio installed under the ground level to the radio installed over the ground level based on LoRa modulation.
However we are finding challenges in achieving the range and we are looking for any available LoRa repeaters for 915 MHz frequency band.
Can you please let us know if there are any LoRa repeaters available in that frequency band and if so where can we find it or if you sell those?

Thank you in advance.

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I found this video on YouTube with really good info on making one. Maybe this will be helpful.

Hi Timmy,

Thank you for the reply.
I did go through this video earlier but I am not sure whether it is proprietary in the sense that we have to use the same LoRa radio module or we can use our radio module that is already in use for the project and build a repeater for that.
Also it does not mentions whether we need to do any firmware coding for the repeater.
I am not sure if you can make me understand about the video if possible?

That is certainly beyond my technical level :slight_smile: But maybe there are some other technical gurus on the forum who can help with this. So instead of using LoRa, is setting up your own NTRIP caster out of the question? I have not had the need to do it but there is open source software for doing that.

Hi @vikram.a.trivedi,

At the moment we don’t sell any LoRa repeaters.

LoRa radios are a little bit more complicated than the ones used for telemetry like 3DR Radio.
Modules from different manufacturers may be partially incompatible with each other due to the different firmware abilities.
This can cause issues with repeaters usage.
So, it’s better to test your hardware setup before the work.


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