LoRa/Reach RS2 radio antenna coaxial cable connector


I would like to connect a LoRa Reach RS2 antenna to a LoRa Reach M2 radio, with a 1 m coaxial cable. https://store.emlid.com/product/reach-rs2-lora-antenna/

What connector type do I need on each end of the coaxial cable?

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Hi @cmura,

The type of connection is RP-SMA.

Please note that we usually don’t recommend using cables to extend the LoRa radio. It may degrade the signal quality. As an alternative, you can use a couple of external radios.


Please make a few (low-budget) recommendations

Hi @adrian.levy99,

We can hardly provide such recommendations as it depends on the particular setup, and we’ve never tested them.

However, each external radio that can be connected to the RS-232 port or USB-C should work pretty well with Reach RS2.

This guide from our docs can help you learn more about setups with Reach M2 and different radios.

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