LoRa Radio

Hello friends, I am writing from Colombia.
I have two (2) Emlid Reach RS and I have tried in every way to achieve an optimal correction in RTK mode, transmitting corrections for LoRa radio, but I rarely get a correction in FIX and if this happens I must be less than 20 meters away. base. FLOATING always comes out.
When I transmit the base corrections by NTRIP it works perfectly and I have achieved FIX corrections more than 8 km from the base.
Which for you should be the best configuration to achieve a good transmission by LoRa radio and that at least can achieve the correction up to 1 km away?

I was in the same condition here. What satellite constellations are you using?

I found that changing my frequency and/or trying different combinations of constellations works for me. Most consistently turning off glonass. I don’t know why we are getting so much interference where I am in Texas.

Hey there,

Please post you Reach receivers system reports.

Have you seen our Base and rover setup video guide? I recommend you to use standard settings as in the guide.

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