Lora radio - question

Hey guys

i’m a new user of Reach M+

i’m trying to make my own base and rover to play around.

i have purchased Lora radio and reach M+ and Tallysman TW4721

i’m wondering what’s the difference between Tallysman TW4721 + Lora and

just by itslef Tallysman TW4721 ?

the range(km) for both when it’s connected together?

and range kms for Lora radio with reach M+

thank you!

The Tallysman is for communication with the satellites and LoRa is to the base station.


PPK is a method where each of your M+ will log satellite data it receives through the TW4721 antenna.
Afterward you collect the log files from each of your M+ and you run a post-processing job. There you tell the post-processing software which was base and which was rover and you can get an accurate position. The accurate position is relative to the base coordinate that you supplied. “Relative” means if you used a base coordinate that was 2 meters west of its actual location, then your rover will accurately report itself to be 2 meters west of its actual location.

RTK is an instantaneous method where your M+ base will receive satellite data through the TW4721 antenna, then translate it into correction messages that are brodcast out of the LoRa module/antenna. The M+ rover receives satellite data from the TW4721 antenna and it also receives the correction messages from base through the LoRa module/antenna. The M+ rover then runs a continuous processing job that corrects your apparent rover position into an accurate relative position.

You can perform an RTK survey with LoRa at distances from few hundred meters to several kilometers. It depends on the visibilty between antennas, any interference from other sources, and also heavily depends on the messages transmitted and the radio settings you choose.

RTK is not quite as good as PPK, but you can get instant results with it. With PPK, you typically go back to the office and spend some time working with the data before obtaining your results.


thank you for your explanation!!

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