i have some question
1.is lora radio a UHF radio?
2. will it work if plug on M2 S1 port as serial and pair it to external radio also plug on s1 port as serial? planning pair it on Harxon external radio

lora is 900mhz UHF radio, it sends data in chirps, based off some NASA research. Very low power vs range. The Emlid ones are very functional at an impressive 0.1W, great for battery life. Also at 900mhz it at the upper limit of “slightly bendable, water resistant propagation” Lora is cool technology, think of it like FM or AM, Lora a new way of manipulating the spectrum.

You can move more data the higher the frequency you use, but the emitted energy is more like a bullet, making it more and more line of sight. Also the higher the frequency the more water in trees and fog blocks the signal. But you gain a higher chance of bouncing it of hard surfaces like concrete.

UHF is any radio between 300mhz to 3GHz.

The pro ones are better no question, but you need three things; Big batteries, Big baggage, and Big money.

So the s1 port is ttl, get a ttl to 232 converter and you are set. Set your corrections to come in or send out the s1 port uart through your ttl to 232 converter to the data radio of your choosing.

Emild Lora only works with Emlid Lora
Ebyte Lora works with Ebyte Lora

The s1 port can also send data over a cellular 232 modem

VE6TFD Cheers!


@PotatoFarmer in short my idea is posible?

If the data radio has a 232 port yes!

M2 S1----->ttl/232converter-------> Any 232 data radio -------------> any compatible 232 radio---------> 232/ttl converter------------->m2 s1

Only thing to watch is if the data radio has DRM, like some trimble radios will only pair with connected trimble equipment.

mean to say if radio has DRM it wont be compatible to other radio. what uhf radio speciation will you recommend?

I am not sure I understand your question. Are you trying to use two radios simultaneously? If so, is one incoming (RTK in) and one outgoing (RTK out) or what?

If you are just trying to communicate with a different radio than the Lora, yes you can do that via S1 like PotatoFarmer said.

BTW, Emlid’s LoRa radio plugs into S2, not S1. If you are using a 3rd party LoRa radio or any other serial data radio, it plugs into S1


Drm, digital rights management comes in many forms.

It would make the radio only work with specific hardware. Like the emlid lora and the S2 port. Only the emlid lora works with that port.

Trimble also will digitally lock a radio, so only a Trimble product can talk through it.


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