LoRa Radio not an option on RS

Just reflashed the units and one of my RS does not have the LORA option on any of the pages. Is the unit fried? was it not compatible with the update? It’s the lighter grey unit probably the first generation of RS

Any thoughts?

can you post a sceen shot of the correction input page

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Hi Todd,

That’s something we’ve never faced previously and it’s not how it should work. I agree with David, it’d be helpful to see the screenshot of such behavior.

Also, please send us the Full System report (here’s how to get it) to support@emlid.com: it’ll allow us to check whether there are some internal issues with LoRa.

I should have taken a screenshot. I ended up reflashing and it came back, even though the previous flash said it was a success. The radio module must have had a hang up.


Good to know everything works properly now.
If by any chance such behavior occurs again, we’re always here to look into this.