Lora radio extension cable

I use the m2 configuration with the Lora radio module to use it as an RTK base.
I am looking for an extension cable for the Lora radio antenna, so that I can mount the GPS antenna and the radio antenna outside, and the m2 and Lora radio inside.
i have seen this on aliexpres.

https://es.aliexpress.com/item/33044850186.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.119876758zWGyo&algo_pvid=163a64fe-d672-4e53-83a8-a259c162e717&algo_expid=163a64fe-d672-4e53-83a8-a259c162e717-16&btsid=2100bddb16071594829066851e3d2a&ws_ab_test= searchweb0_0, searchweb201602_, searchweb201603_

Do you know of an extension cable or the cable with an antenna that meets the specifications?

Antenna Distance from Unit

Here is some more discussion about this. Get some good quality coax with sma connectors.

You can also extend the jst cable.

But try to keep your connections short as possible.

The lora is also 900mhz by the way

I’m not handy cable-mounted. I was asking for a cable already mounted with the pins for the Lora radio module and the antenna

Are you looking for?

The 7 pin JST GH male to male between the Lora and M2?

Or a mag-mount with SMA cable for the existing Antenna?

Or a completely different Antenna?

Any alternative antenna must be for the Emlid Lora’s frequency range 862-1020 MHz.

Hi Rafa,

We don’t provide any extension cables for the LoRa radio, as it can affect the radio performance.

If your setup requires the radio antenna mounted outside, you may attach a pair of Serial radios to the base and rover. Reach M2 pins are 5V tolerant so that you can use the 5V logic level radios. To connect the radio, use the lower JST-GH port (S1). You will need to connect TX to RX, RX to TX, and GND to GND.

I understand the problem. but I’m going to experiment with this cable to see how it works

Experimentation! Thats the spirit.

That cable is the one i use to get into the tractor cab. 6ft does not seem to change too much.

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