LoRa Radio configuration

How to configure LoRa radio using
Please provide tool to configure it


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The only tool to config it that I know is an M2 using the Reachview app if it is the stand alone Lora for the M2.

Otherwise on RS through the Reachview app also

I Have two radio , I am using my own Trimble base I want to send correction using Lora Radio
How to connect radio with my Own base which has serial port
How to configure it my setup and baud rate
If some has not Emlid Base

Not sure if you can. I tested it once but didn’t get back to it. I setup the radio settings with my M2 and Reachview, then connected to a Trimble monitor via serial.

You might consider either a 3DR or RFD900 radio. Otherwise most use what is called Freewave radio in your application

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Hi Chandrahas,

The built-in LoRa radio and external LoRa radio module are compatible with LoRa installed on another Reach device only. So, there’s no possibility to integrate Reach’s LoRa radio with 3rd-party equipment.

However, you can use a couple of external radios to arrange RTK communication. For example, you can check our guide on how to connect the external radio module to Reach M2.

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I along with others would like a Lora radio to attach to 3rd party monitors. This way, the RS2 can send RTCM corrections to 3rd party monitors with its native radio.

Hi @jp-drain-sol,

LoRa radios are using a custom protocol so it will be quite challenging to configure RS2’s LoRa working with a third-party LoRa radio. For such a task, it’s better to use a couple of external radios.

I understand that. But couldn’t you make a configurable Lora radio. Third party radios are a pain to deal with. I am sure others here would purchase if it could be ported in via serial data on third party systems.

The other options would be to make your radio without proprietary configuration or offer the freq/hop etc to put in a 3rd party Lora to utilize with 3rd party monitors.

Hi @jp-drain-sol,

We’ll note your request, thank you!

For now, we don’t have plans on changing the way our LoRa radios are configured. As I’ve mentioned earlier, different LoRa modules can be incompatible with each other due to the different firmware abilities.

To work with the third-party devices, you can use the third-party radios that support Serial communication. Reach M2 is equipped with UART and USB ports.