LoRa Radio Antennas for the RS units

Can some one recomend a set of high gain external antennas for the Reach RS unit? Im wanting to get a small tower to extend the range and gain of the radios but Im not sure what specs to go for.

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Get antenna with gain oriented toward horizon. Typical Cable Impedance : 50 Ohms
Determine most likely pattern of Rover positions relative to Base. For example, if Base is centered in your Ranch, you may get good coverage if your Base Antenna is Omnidirectional. If your Rover will be in a long valley with a hill at the end for the Base, you may find a yagi or dish antenna at Lora frequency to be pointed toward the valley a better choice.

Use a GPS link calculator. (Search internet ). Observe country restrictions on effective radiated power, etc.

Good Luck.

Hi Rick. Can you tell me if I have to use a special antenna or will broadband omni dir antenna work on my Reach RS base unit? I have several high gain antennas that I have used on my Verizon jetpacks over the last several years. I have one fiberglass 12dBi antenna that is for (700 ~ 900 MHz / 1700 ~ 2700 MHz). I have my LoRa frequency to set in the 890’s. This antenna has a 25-30’ cable on it so I can place it away from the base.

Thanks for any advice you can offer.

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