LORA Power

I’ve heard that with maximum power 20 db is not ideal, what would be the best power configuration and transmission frequency ?


I have been using 14dB, 18.23kB/s. I haven’t tried any other settings lately because those ones have beeen working fine for what I have been doing.


I always used 20 db and 9.11 kb/s I will test how you have done it.


Saludos, q resultados tuvo con la configuracion de lora

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Well, what have you been doing? :slight_smile:

It depends on environment and range, I have been 20dbm @ 4.56kb/s and I think that is GPS, GLO and SBAS 0.5hz. Something like that but I have lots of trees and line of sight is inherently limited. I get out over 1km easily.

My next settings will be NTRIP to caster over internet.


LOS distance or?

A mix of both. Hilly terrain without line of sight, signal seems to ‘roll’ with the terrain. Treed environments very much line of sight as the foliage attenuates the signal much differently/sporadically.

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