LoRa Module with Unplugged Antenna


I’m creating a simple housing for Reach M2 along with the LoRa module. However, in some cases, the LoRa module was not used because the location was within NTRIP coverage. To remove the LoRa module again will be troublesome because I have to open the housing again. So I thought to just remove the LoRa antenna from outside the housing while the LoRa module is still connected to Reach M2. But I’m worrying it will fry the LoRa module due to power accumulation.

Is it safe to let the LoRa module connected to Reach M2 receiver while its antenna is not plugged? Or should I always connect it to LoRa module as long as it’s connected to M2 receiver?

Thanks for any suggestion

Why even bother? You will have to change settings on the corrections tab to either LoRA or NTRIP and it uses what is selected.

I don’t know about losing the LoRa without the antenna. I know that some our our old Trimble radios and our current Javad radios has to have the antenna connected when the units are on. If not, it will fry the radios. Be careful, I’d disconnect the LoRa if not using antenna. Maybe redesign with a longer wire to disconnect.

Id like to see your enclosure

If the enclosure is made decent leaving the antenna on when not in use shouldn’t be a big deal. Just leave the antenna that comes with the radio on it or, put a small rocker switch in the enclosure and splice it into the hot wire of the LoRa to turn it off/on.

Hi @surveinusantara,

You can connect the LoRa module without the antenna connected. It shouldn’t affect the power distribution.

However, I’d like to point out that Reach M2 required proper ventilation to operate correctly. Otherwise, it can overheats. So, please take it into account while designing the housing.


Thanks all for the suggestions!

The enclosure will be used by several survey team members. I just want to prepare the worst scenario that they don’t plug the the LoRA antenna when turning on the receiver.

Exactly, I used Topcon receivers previously and always had to plug the RTK antenna when operating it.

That is very sweet feature of Lora module @svetlana.nikolenko . Now I can stop worrying the this issue.

I will perform a little test to use it in hot weather and measure the temperature inside of enclosure while it is operating. I hope it still in operating temperature range (<65C). Many thanks to your valuable suggestion!

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Been running the lora with no antenna attached for quite some time without issue.

Hard to damage a system at 0.1w, but I do throw a plastic dust cap over it to prevent accidental short and dirt buildup.


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