Lora correction input problem


It’s two RS2s, one setup as base and the other as rover. Lora is used for correction, base has coordinates input manually, coordinate accumulation time 20 mins. Same Lora frequencies, same air rate 2.6 kb/s. Base-rover distance appr. 150 m.

When the rover uses Lora correction, I get no fix. The RTK age of differential varies between 1-5 secs, I see SNS bars of rover and base (above 40), but the satellite counts above the graphs are 0 for both.

When I turn the Lora correction input off, I get a fix on the rover, the rover’s satellite count becomes visible.

Both units have good visibility, no obstructions.

What can I do to make the correction work?


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Can you post your RTK Settings and Correction Input screens from the rover and the RTK Settings and Base Mode screens from the base?

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Hi @antti.ryhanen,

Agree with Michael. This data would be of great help. I’d also ask for Simple system reports from both the base and rover. It might be easier to check the settings there.

What firmware version is installed on the devices?

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