LoRa correction being dropped periodically

Hi, I am using two Emlid M2 units. One is acting as a rover, the other as a base station. I am using LoRa antenna between the two of them to send corrections. Although I am getting a good signal for the corrections, I noticed when I monitor the status of the Rover, I can see the corrections signals to each satellite drop out together periodically, then all come back on together. This happens about once every few minutes or so, and the correction signals are only dropped for about 10-15 seconds (literally I am seeing the grey ‘corrections’ bars disappear and then come back all of them at once). I am prepared to accept this as just a fluke in the software (I am monitoring this on a laptop by the way, not a smart device), but I am afraid that I am actually losing corrections between the two units for a fair amount of time and my measurements are being destroyed by the loss of communications between the units. Any help is appreciated.

Hi @jherbranson,

I’m pretty sure it’s just an interface thing. However, you can record Base corrections and Raw data logs when this happens. It will allow us to confirm that everything is fine with corrections.

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