LoRa connection not receiving corrections

I am testing out two new M2’s both with LoRa antennas. These have been working great, and I decided to test out their range over LoRa. I set up each unit, one I left at home as a BASE and the other placed in my backpack, with the LoRa antenna hanging out the top. After walking around I decided to put the backpack in my car and drive around watching ReachView to see when and where I would lose connectivity. I noticed two things. One, as I drove, the message “connected to local host” would show in green. Occasionally, the message would change to yellow and say “connection timed-out” or something like that. Then it would turn green again with the ‘connected’ message. It would go back and forth like this, mostly remaining green for about 6 miles. This was in an urban environment around Berkeley campus in Northern Ca. I was surprised I was still getting connection. So, I looked at the corrections (grey bars along side the GNSS signals) and there weren’t any to be seen. I began driving home, watching for the corrections bars and they did not return until I was about 2 blocks from my house. I was surprised that I was able to receive the green “connected to local host” from so far away, but that the corrections would not register until I was very close. Can someone please explain this discrepancy, and how best to work around it? Thank you in advance.


As with any radio equipment more power or a higher tower.

But in an urban environment line of sight can be tough to get.

Emlid has a single connection ntrip server. Leave your base at home sending data to their server over the internet.

Connect your rover to your phones hotspot, put the ntrip credentials in the corrections tab. And now you have your corrections anywhere you have cell service.


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