LoRa bandwidths and duty cycle

Hi all,

thinking about buying a few Reach RS, but not sure about the free frequency bands and the restrictions. On https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/wiki/LoRaWAN/Home there is stated that "The European frequency regulations impose specific duty-cycles on devices for each sub-band. Most channels used by LoRaWAN have a duty-cycle as low as 1% or even 0.1%. " and “The LoRaWAN specification defines 3 common 125 kHz channels for the 868 MHz band (868.10, 868.30 and 868.50 MHz) that must be supported by all devices”.

What are the bandwidths and duty cycles Reach RS LoRa is using? I suppose that it depends heavily on LoRa settings, but how can I be certain, that I can get enough data through to rover being 2 km from base and still have a good fix?

The 869,4 to 869,65 zone is particularly interesting because you communicate with 500mW with a 10% duty cycle. But how can I know the duty cycle and bandwidth. Bandwidth of a channel can be 25 kHz on that 0,250 Mhz band.

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