Lora band range incorrect on 2.22

I updated 2 of my 5 reach RS+ units to 2.22.

The Lora configuration page gives the range as 902 to 928 instead of 868 to 928. I went out side with one of the receivers and an orange box appeared in the upper right of the screen that said something about detecting a location change. I went to the Lora configuration screen and 868 was the low end again.

The second unit has been power cycled multiple times and has had a good clean fix for many minutes but the range is still 902 to 928.

SystemReport (1).zip (669.7 KB)



Same problem for update 2.22 in the Reach RS.

Hello, @kylelanman!
I’m not quite sure, that this is a bug.
It might be that those frequencies are the ones that you can use in your country, and any other is forbidden. E.g. USA allows using US902-908 frequency plan: https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/docs/lorawan/frequencies-by-country.html

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Would you look at that. I’ve always used 868. Given it is the default I assumed it was legal.

So why does one receiver after I step outside in the USA still allow me to use 868.

Looks like I’m going to go reprogram all my receivers now. @viktor.vorobev thanks for pointing that out.

Both were at 902 when I booted them up this morning.

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