Loosing satellite visibility

Hi, I have a problem with satellites visibility on rover (old not M Reach installed on drone )
From times to times module is loosing satellites, (drone was moving very slowly, probably 3m/sec )

With base (same old reach) at the same time everything is ok, also number of timestamps are correct (offcourse without accuracy)

I’m attaching ubx data from rover and base please help :smile:Rover.zip (1.5 MB)
base.zip (1.6 MB)
raw_201810211123.obs (4.9 MB)

Hmm, do you have a large enough ground plane ?

Also was the drone high up in the air (so it had zero obstructions) or was it closer to the ground with surroundings higher than itself?

I have a ground plane made from CD with aluminium foil on It
The drone has No obstacles all the time during the flight

Then I would suspect noise in other electronics on the the drone. Can you try to wrap reach board in metal, to shield it?

Good idea , I’ll try to put reach module into the box

Hi @hondaafrica,

Can you also share you hardware setup photos?

Hi @hondaafrica,

Ground plane should be metal and smooth. I highly recommend you to use another one, for example, an aluminum plate at least 70x70 mm.

Please also raise Reach antenna higher then DJI GNSS module for a couple of cms.

Have you already tried to isolate Reach, as @wizprod suggested?

Thanks to everybody for advice
I will try change ground plate, put antenna higher and isolate reach

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Keep us updated!

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