Loosing FIX during UAV Flights (PPK)

I’ve been using Reach products for a number of years for various purposes but having issues with one of my UAV setups. Whenever the UAV is in flight the Reach M module on the UAV almost always loses FIX and drops to either FLOAT or SINGLE or in worst case there is gaps of no data. While the UAV is on the ground it is almost always FIX. During flight the number of satellites drops.

This system worked flawlessly in 2021 but in 2022 and 2023 it has had this behavior. No changes to the UAV but I do keep the Reach M firmware updated. I’m assuming it must be the UAV generating some kind of interference during flight but since no changes to the system were made to the UAV and it previously worked great for an entire season it is kind of odd.

I’ve attached images of the Ground Track, Position and Number of Satellites as an example. 3 flights were flown and you can see the FIX status before,between and after the flights and how it deteriorates during each flight.

Does this look like an interference issue? Any other thoughts?

Camera - Sony A6000 with simple AAA battery powered Intervalometer to trigger camera (no connection to UAV power)
GPS - Emlid Reach M - powered by its own 5V battery (not connected to UAV power ). The Reach M is powered on well before the UAV flight. Connected to A6000 with hotshoe adapter.
Basestation GPS - Either Reach RS or RS+
PPK software - Emlid Studio

Hi @Hilux74,

Welcome back to the forum!

At first glance, it indeed looks like something from the UAV side interferes and causes such issues. But to make sure, I need to take a look at the raw data logs from your Reach module.

The photos of the hardware setup may also be of help.

Please post them in this thread or send them privately to support@emlid.com. I’ll examine them and draw my conclusions here.

Just as a follow up…I ended up remounting the Reach M unit inside an aluminum foil lined 3D printed housing and have no longer had any issues on flights since.

I should swap the mounting back and forth to confirm the housing is is actually helping vs coincidence but don’t have the spare time right now.


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