Looking to get a RS2 - But nearest CORS station is 100 km away

I am looking to purchase a RS2 for personal use - setting out and recording numerous location of services around our own plot.

I would really like to use the nearest CORS station as a base station, but I found out that it is just under 100 km away - so quite a bit over the general recommended maximum distance of 70 km.

Since it is for my own personal use and I would be happy if accuracy is say within 100 mm (4 inches) or so, do you think I will have a good chance of getting this sort of accuracy with a multi-frequency receiver like RS2 ?

Just get another RS2 or use 1 RS2 as base and get a RS+ or RS or M+ with LoRa?

Or hold out for M2?

Possibly? I am sure someone with CORS experience will jump in.


Hi @RichardMH,

With PPK I think you’ll be able to reach the desired accuracy.

However, for RTK it’s pushing the limits of stable working conditions so we can’t recommend such configuration.

Alternatively, you can set up your local base there.

Where are you located?

Hi Polina,

Thank you for your advice. PPK is ok for what I want to do over the coming year so this how I will move forward.

I really do not want to incur the additional expense of setting up a local base at this point.

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