Looking for experienced Reach RS+ users in NorthEast USA



We are having some difficulty in getting good results thus far with our Reach RS+'s, and were wondering if there are any experienced users in NorthEast USA (Philadelphia region) that may be able to assist us in-person.


(Christian Grüner) #2

Can’t help in person, as I on the other side of the pond, but I am sure the community here can help You guys a long way.


Great community here, I agree! Hope we can get some assistance to iron out issues.


(Timd1971) #4

Maybe in the meantime, what are your most critical issues. Maybe just start new separate threads.

PS. But as you will eventually find out and keep going back to, almost ALL of the answers are in EMLID’s great DOCS:

The answers that are a bit more cryptic and available gained from experience come from here in the FORUM… and then the really helpful answers come from the EMLID team which is actually ACTIVE here… you don’t find that too often anywhere else. ; )


I’m in Ohio. Not close but close enough for “possibly” the same type of settings.

Examples of issues?

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