Looking for a NTRIP server in Virginia, USA

Does anyone know of a free (or very inexpensive) NTRIP server (accessible over Internet) in Virginia, USA (zip code 22152, it is close to Washington, DC)?

PS. I have Verizon FIOS Internet at home. I was thinking about setting up my own NTRIP Server. I just got my first REACH module (using it as a rover) and learning how to use it. I was going to buy a second one and setup a server, accessible from Internet. Is it going to be difficult?

@z_zk_z Setting your own server shouldn’t be hard. You can also connect two Reach module together over the internet without the NTRIP by simply providing a TCP port. You would need “white” IP at least on one of the devices or you would need to use external server with one.

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