Lookie Lookie! MicroSurvey FieldGenius for Android!

@chascoadmin Yes right I am beta tester and the final version will come out as soon as everything works fine.

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Can you tell us if LOCALIZATION (or also called GNSS Local Transformation) and ALSO Rotate, Translate, and Scale (RTS) are going to be included in the NON-BETA release? I would assume so such an important and needed features… especially from MicroSurvey as one of the major developers that truly understand the need.

EDIT: hopefully someone has communicated the need of a native driver also for the RS2 for ALL versions of FieldGenius also…Windows versions etc, not just Android.

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Hey Everyone, Jeran here from MicroSurvey,

I just wanted to let you know that we have fixed a connection issue with Emlid RS2 units, so they will now stay connected when you’re using them. We do not have base/rover configurations available yet for Emlid units, but we literally just got test units in a few days ago after so many requests for Emlid RS2 support and a long shipping delay. We are working on it, and we are aware of the issues you’ve had! For those with a question about Localization, yes, it will be in version 1.2 along with the connection fix, which is coming very soon. I’ll try to update you when I know more about the base/rover configurations, but I am pushing to get it built ASAP.


Thank you for the info! (and the hard work of course!)

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