Long time single status, seems unable to get base link

Hello, I just ran a test on wifi connection with a router, the IP address had been set as (rover) and (base). However the rover always had a single status, not even float… I wonder if there was anything wrong with the settings? but they were set basically as the same as the guidance, the base output was TCPSVR, port 9000 and RTCM3 format.

Moreover, I noticed there was no sat status in the base page of reachview, so I guess there might be two reasons: it’s either because I didn’t manually set the base locations (I assumed there should be sort of auto location function), or because the signals were weak (about 7-8 green sat on the rover)?

A different matter to note, there was a problem in downloading the log files from the rover, the raw data was in UBX, and when I clicked the bar to download, it was saying converting the format to RINEX in the first place for a few sec, then it finished and said ‘your download will start soon’, but there was no response afterwards… any help please, thanks!

  1. No satellites are shown on the status page when in base mode; they are seen as grey bars on the rover status page.
  2. For RTK, you must enter base coordinates in the base config page.
  3. If you have a problem downloading log files, then you should upgrade to the latest ReachView (currently 0.4.5)