Long Range Position Streaming

Hello everyone,

I would like to ask if you have any tips or ideas for my current issue.
It’s about position tracking of a motorbike during a race. The race track stretches over 30km. We are looking for a solution to stream the position data from an M2 module on the motorbike to a computer. There we want to track the position of the rider. Correction data is probably not needed for this.
What possibilities are there for “long range position streaming”? Can this only be done via a network or possibly also via radio signals?
Are there any ideas how we can solve this case elegantly?

Thank you very much for your help and suggestions.

Best regards
Fabian Wegner

Hi Fabian,

Please note that the receiver in standalone mode can give you several meter accuracy only. If you want to get centimeter accuracy, you need to work in RTK mode.

We have 3 ways of transmitting position data from the rover. The first way is to use a Serial port. Using Serial, you can connect your receiver to the radio or directly to your computer. So you can use a couple of radios for long-range streaming.

The second way is to use TCP. TCP allows sharing data between devices in the same Wi-Fi network. However, you can also send data to a remote computer if it has a static IP address.

There is also a Bluetooth option for transmitting position. But it works only on short distances.

You can check this article to learn more about ways of transmitting data from the receiver.


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