Long range 4g FPV quadcopter build help

Hey guys I’m still needing help to get my FPV quadcopter project rolling I want 4g lte FPV with mission planner and Logitech controller and 30min flight time

I’m leaning toward 700 talon frame but don’t know how to mount the Logitech cam. The frame looks like it doesn’t have much space in middle for all components?
Raspberry Pi3 / navio 2
Low kv motors
Large Carbon fiber props
10,000mah battery 4s or 3s?
How do you cover the barometer with foam do you use glue?
I don’t have a 3D printer where can I get a case for the board that keeps vibration down?
Also which 4g dongle is easiest to use? I like the idea of using a 4g hotspot and just connect raspberry with wifi. However I don’t know how to wire it up to get power from the flight battery.
I also need help with installing software and how to setup my home internet connection to communicate with the drone via 4g
I also don’t know how to connect battery to power esc and raspberry and servo for Logitech camera tilt.

Forgive me I’ve never built a quadcopter but I’ve built many computers and have used Linux and also have experience flying Quadcopters

I’m just asking for some help how to get this built. I’m afraid of buying all these parts without having a solid plan in mind how to make it work

I’ve spent over a week reading thru forums non stop and I’ve gotten answers for some things but there are no detailed instructions how to build this.

I’m on the verge of giving up and waiting until a more user friendly solution becomes available but I keep going back on the forums because I usually don’t give up.

I’m very good at following instructions. But I haven’t found a guide that shows you A to Z how to build a navio2/rpi3 quadcopter. I want a clean build. Some pics I’ve seen look extremely complex with wires going everywhere custom this custom that. I would like to order all components and assemble it and make it work. I don’t want to spend $1000+ on this and than end up having to give up and put it all in a big box in the attic. And have spent all this time researching.

I’m located in the USA

@Bernt_Christian_Egel I’ve read so much of your work would you be willing to help me get this going ?

@ogulbrandsen I’m inspired by your latest build. But I also see you ran into some problems, were they resolved ? could you provide me with everything I need to build one like yours? How did you wire up to power the Huawei 4g router?

I’m sure I’m not the only one who would appreciate this.
I’m willing to pay for help to accomplish this or buy a quadcopter from someone that can do what I’m looking to do.

Please help a newbie out with this I don’t know what else to do but turn and ask for help

I know I need a good frame that’s lightweight
Power distribution board how many?
BEC how many do I need?
Should I use 4S or 3S battery?
How do I mount battery?

I’m afraid to order all this and run into ton of little problems like foam on barometer, vibrations, software setup on raspberry and navio, how to wire everything?

Afraid I will run into a dead end and than wont be able to sleep because I don’t like to give up once I start.