Long Baseline RS2

Today I went out with the RS2 to evaluate a few different baselines.
I used an old reference monument (last measured a year after I was born… and the height, well, during WW2 in 1942). The monument is situated on an old fortress hill (made to defend Copenhagen pre 1900’s).
The monument doesn’t have completely clear sky-view to all sides. Some are covered with trees, so ok, but not ideal conditions.

For base stations I used 3 different EUREF CORS, with baselines at 8 km, 93 km and finally 169 km.

All PPK as static.

Processing is done with RTKlib, which is pending an Emlid update for the RS2, so results might diviate a bit when RTKlib is updated. But it’ll do for now just fine.

Here are the results, and they are quite impressive indeed! Of course the short baseline is best, but 2-3 cm error for a 169 km baseline, that is impressive, and even more so considering the price of the RS2!

I find that I can easyly set the SNR mask to 40 with the RS2, because there are simply some many satellites available for the RS2. The antenna is providing truly excellent reception performance.

Oh, and did I mention, with 169 km baseline, I had an RTK Fix 1m20s after setup on the point :wink:


These results are impressive , great job @wizprod and Emlid .:clap:


Show the convergence or it didn’t happen :smile:


share the Files !



Wouldn’t make much sense, as the raw-file collection only started when I setup on the point, as I simply didn’t expect to get a fix that fast.

I had the RS2 started while walking to the monument. Here it was mounted to the rover-rod, but the antenna tilted to 90 degrees for transport.
But it seems that even the non-ideal conditions of a 90 degree tilt helped getting a fix shortly after being setup on the monument.

Luckily it is easy to reproduce, and even easier with baselines within spec (< 60 km) :smiley:

Here is the raw-file.
raw_201905311407_UBX.zip (2.2 MB)

Here is the info for the referencepoint: https://valdemar.kortforsyningen.dk/FikspunktFrontend/fikspunktdetails.php?number=2-04-00004&type=Planfikspunkt&region=dk&udRefSys=4326

Here is the base correction collected from WARN using the mobile data on the RS2:
base_201905311407.obs (2.7 MB)

Remember to set ETRS89 base coordinates. Can be found for the relevant stations on http://www.epncb.oma.be/_networkdata/stationmaps.php


Christian where I select the reference system of the base in RTKLIB? I have not noticed if you can change WGS84.

You just have to use the Base coordinates from ETRS89. Then the shift is taken into account.


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