Logs Base – error GLONASS. The error of the position in the method RTN

Reach RTK
Reach View 2.22.4

GLONASS lacks in the log of the base but the data NMEA seems to be correct.

base_202005200900_RINEX-3_03.zip (837.5 KB) base_202005200900_rtcm3.zip (1.1 MB) raw_202005200900_RINEX-3_03.zip (3.8 MB) raw_202005200900_ubx.zip (4.3 MB) solution_202005200900_NMEA.zip (416.3 KB) simple report.zip (1.1 KB)

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Hi Pawel,

Thanks for sharing! I’ll look into the data.

Error in ReachView 2.22.4 he is the most probably. ReachView 2.22.3 ok.

base_202004161044_RINEX-2_11.zip (2.5 MB) base_202004161044_rtcm3.zip (2.3 MB)

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Hi Pawel,

I’ve checked the data and the GLONASS L1 observations are present. It seems they indeed aren’t shown when the β€œAll” option is chosen, however, if you chose β€œL1”, you can see GLONASS satellites:

Any chance you can share the UBX file from the base? I’d like to look into why RTKPLOT interprets obs file from v2.22.4 this way.

Hi Tatiana

thank for the interest oneself this subject. I also already noticed that you can see GLONASS in β€žL1” . I sent all logs from the measurement from the day 20-05-2020. My base is VRS (by NTRIP).
However I would prefer to analyse the different example

base_202005080758_RINEX-3_03.zip (865.4 KB) base_202005080758_rtcm3.zip (1.2 MB) raw_202005080758_RINEX-3_03.zip (5.3 MB) raw_202005080758_ubx.zip (6.1 MB) NMEA.ZIP (848.7 KB)

The analysis of the data

The measurement was executed on the supervisory point without the change of the position. Disturbances in Rover were purposeful. The method PPK gives the correct solution. There is the mistake of the position in the method RTN. IN PPK was used become the base (VRS) with lacking observations GLONASS.
What is the cause of the incorrect position in the method RTN?

Hi Pawel,

Sorry it took so long to get back to you.

We’ve recently released the v2.22.5 firmware version that should resolve some RTK instability issues on Reach devices and improve the performance.

May I ask you to test your Reach Module with this firmware version to check how it works?