Logging turning off and no record of log

This has happened to me two days in a row. I now always turn on logging, then I go to the status screen, then back to logging to make sure I see the seconds counting for the log file recording. In the past I had situations where I knew that I turned on logging but I come back to the unit after letting it log for a bit and it was not on.

Yesterday it happened and again to today. I turned on the UBX logging for my RS rover. I performed my usual back and forth to confirm it is logging. When after coming back to the RS Rover 20 minutes later to actually survey the GCP point the log file was not on nor was there any record of the log file. I had started the logging process with my Nexus 7 2013 but when I returned to do the survey I connected with my iPad Mini 4. I have no idea if this could make a difference or not. When I get time I will just do a switch of devices and see what it does.

Is this happening to anyone else? For a little bit I am going to record the process each time so that I know it is logging to and be able to refer back to the video if I come back later and it is off. Then there will be no double that I did not forget.

Hi Tim,

Thanks for the report!
I’ll try to reproduce the issue and will get back to you.

Tatiana, I logged on with ipad, and then with Android tablet but it worked fine today. Maybe my age it catching up with me! If I have any more problems, I will let you know.

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Hi Tim,

Unfortunately, I couldn’t reproduce it. For me, it seems to be an interface issue.
If you experience it again on different devices, please inform me.

It has been quite a while, but the last time this happened to me my fingers were tapping a little too quickly.

I know I tapped the button to enable the log and I saw it change, but at that instant I swapped applications with another button and that may have caused the glitch.

Prudence dictates that one should check that the log is recording, and if you just enabled the log, you owe it to yourself to double-check that it is.

After enabling the log, that could be:

  1. Refreshing the page, or
  2. Looking lower down the page to see the log file time incrementing and also the file size incrementing.
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