Logging? Start recording?

First Post so please be gentle.

So Loggingin Emlid Flow, touch the record button to start recording and there is no change, ie RED and 00:00:01, the icon stays as the blue circle - Start recording.
Further more the log isn’t showing the length of time.
11Oct - 0h 00m - 7.10MB

Looking at the RINEX file it looks ok, as I would expect, start and finish time, O,P,B Pos and Event Pos. RTYCM3 Data and a LHH RECORD. Logging is good but the app appears to be not giving me relevant info.

Hi Simon,

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Could you please also specify what firmware version is installed on your Reach RS3? For this, open Emlid Flow and go to Settings > Firmware updates.

Hi Liudmila,

Thank you.

Firmware is V31.6

OK so hold that thought!
Looking at it now and it’s now swowing the red clock (time recored) and the MBsize…

I’ll setup again out side and run a full test. (sat in office with no FIX)

Sure, please let me know about the results once you test it again. Thanks!

Strange… it seems to be there now.
We compared it with an RS2 and just could see the problem, but today its all fine.
The only thing that has changed over yestarday is the location, respeption was poor.

I’ll keep you posted if the problem comes back.

I see, thanks for checking this! It’s hard to say why it was working this way but hopefully, the issue is gone. If you notice the same behavior again, please send the Full system report from the receiver to us. I’ve just found your email in our system regarding this case. You can send it to the same email in case you face this issue one more time.