Logging settings for multiple use cases


We are working out of service on unknown points with two RS3’s. Our workflow is…
-Set up the base, averaging in single(20min)
-Setting up GCP’s (in stop and go).
-Flying the site in local NTRIP.

I’d also like to
-Log for >4hrs to PPP (NRCan)
-Have logged PPK data available in case of rtk error.

I assume that in this case I can just log on default settings as per either the PPK or Stop and Go settings, (is there a difference?) and then use the Emlid studio app to convert for PPP.

I was hoping for confirmation that this is correct, and I don’t need to change logging settings during the day.


Hi Jake,

We checked your workflow, and it should work for your case.

For PPK and Stop and Go, you can use the default settings and select all satellites option.

If NRCan does not allow you to use the RINEX file with the data of all satellites on the Emlid Studio, we can convert the file so that you can select only the GPS and GLONASS constellations.

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Great, thank you