Logging: raw data, position and base correction

I would like to know when should I use POSITION and BASE CORRECTION in LOGGING. Raw data I always use to PPK, but the others I didn’t understand they usage.

Hi @yarademello,

Position log records the rover location continuously with the configured interval. In the Survey project, for instance, you collect points manually. The position log contains all the points that were calculated during the survey. For example, if you want to collect coordinates every second, you can set the position update rate to 1 Hz and record a position log.

Base corrections allow you to record the data coming from the base. For example, this can be helpful If you work with an NTRIP in RTK but couldn’t get a Fix for some points. In this case, you can take the base corrections and rover’s raw data logs and then post-process your data with different settings to get better results in PPK.

You can simply turn these logs off if you don’t need them. This will also save memory on your device.


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