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hey guys,

i’m wondering if i can log and still do PPK with different brand with Emlid.

i have integrated my phantom with Emlid, can i still do logging from other brand product and process together with Emlid?

Eg. Trimble/Leica/topcon - to log base.

I have leica GPS running on our site. how do i combine and connect that with Emlid for PPK flights.

our current base is permanently powered up and running 24 hours.

any comments will be appreciated.
thank you

Regardless of the reference station brand, i believe all you need at the end of the day is the observation file in rinex format… (For RTKLib)…

You may also need the Nav file…

EDIT: The key thing is to make sure the signals recorded by the rover are included in the base log.

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so you are saying that i don’t have to use emlid base and i can process with different base log file from trimble/leica and use emlid to fly PPK and process my data?

as long as i get UBX file…

thank you


Yes, that should be the case.

The beauty of the Emlid Reach is the low cost. If you already have access to a high-cost survey-grade receiver by Trimble, Leica, Hemisphere, Topcon with raw measurement logging, you can elect to use that instead for your PPK reference data.

All of these manufactures have utilities that will convert their proprietary binary log to the common RINEX format. The UBX format is exclusive to uBlox, which powers the Emlid product line.

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thank you for your reply.

so the format i need to export to make it work with my emlid product it’s RINEX format?

is this the format?

so this is the rtknavi_win64 application i can open with?
thank you

Yes, you need RINEX file to post-process 3rd-party base log with Reach log.

In our docs, you can find detailed post-processing guide with step-by-step instruction. It should clarify all the points.

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