Logging empty files (obs, nav), date/time problem?


I am using a couple of M2 in my fleet with now the latest update. Before I think it was on 28 or something. I also use SSH download to catch the latest files via a script automatically as there are always at least 6 receiver I work with.
I switch them on without antenna for the download. In the older versions, there weren´t any new files made.

Now, there are always these empty observation and nav files (except the header).
Is this something I could switch off again and only have files with actual content in it?

I can understand why someone would need it like that, maybe adding antenna later or whatelse.
Is there maybe a way to keep the logs clean from this “header only” zip files?


another related quesion:
Wasn´t there always that it needed to have timesync before starting anything? Now the logs keep kind of dates from before, as the logs start before they actual have timesync?
Or am I missing something here?

yes somehow the date does not update (should be 30th). Even with 30 sats in view
The File dates in WinSCP also remains on yesterday. Restarted now with antenna attached several times

Connecting to my local wifi updated the time again

I tested a little further and I find this problem reproducible:

  • Raw data with autostart
  • logging data and M2 runs until power out or power cut off
  • for download I plugin the M2 without antenna and not connected to wifi
  • download happens via script, which connects to each M2 hotspot
  • when download done power gets cut again
  • now there is this empty file, and with the next start the date gets not assigned to the new file

It worked like this until I updated from V28 this week. I dont know what exactly is different now (except the file structure within the zip files). But this automatism I had until now seems to be lost.
Is there a way to get this back? Otherwise I would have to go into every receiver every time, to stop the log recording to get the correct timestamp on the filename. I mean there are up to 12 M2!

Hi @goamberg,

Let’s start the investigation by examining the Full system report from one of your devices where you’re experiencing this issue. It’d be great if you could point out those empty files that are odd and which started to appear after the update. You can send it to support@emlid.com. I’ll check it and show it to the devs.

The receiver doesn’t start recording logs until it hasn’t passed the time sync.

The most probable reason for these empty files is at this stage in your workflow:

The receiver turns on, starts logging, and creates those empty files. Still, the Full system report would be of much help with the investigation.

I sent 2 reports over to you. 1 for the Base, 1 for the Rover.
But for this it should not matter anyway. Also would have at least 5 Rover files more if needed.

While the receiver does not start recording is correct, but the file itself gets made with the timestamp the system has at that point, which is outdated because of no powersource…At least that how it looks like to me?

Thanks for looking into it.

Hi @goamberg,

This timestamp in the file name represents the current GPS time of the log’s start. If it doesn’t work this way, we have to dig into this deeper.

I’ve picked up your reports, thank you. I’ll check them and post my findings in this thread.

I restarted (hard and soft) the receivers now many times (antenna attached), and the date/time stayed on yesterday. With short time in between reboots
But after running a couple of minutes, it corrected itself finally. But the date and time from the log stayed on the date/time the system had at that time it started (yesterdays). To be clear we always talk about filenames. Log internals are always correct.
Maybe it is as easy as force date/time more often, when gps time only?

Having the same problem as the receiver above

Hi Fabian,

Could you please also send the Full system report from your receiver to support@emlid.com? I’ll be sure to pick it up and draw the conclusions here.

Hi @kirill.kobylyanskiy:

I am also experiencing the incorrect date/time problem on the Recorded logs screen listing and downloaded filenames. I just received a new RS2+ and M2, upgraded the firmware on both to 31.3(?), and have used them twice since last week. Both are showing this problem of time stamping the Recorded log entry and filenames with the date/time the unit was last powered up(?). The data inside the files looks great but this is a very frustrating problem for file data management.

Here is a screenshot of the RS2+ Logging screen. The middle entry dated 22 Sep should be 26 Sep.

Here is a screenshot of the M2 Logging screen. The second entry dated 21 Sep 3h 27m should be 27 Sep.

I will email Full System Reports from both to support@emlid.com.

Thank you for taking care of us.


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Hi Joe,

Thank you for sending us the Full System Reports via email. I responded to you. Let’s continue the conversation there to keep all the information in one place.

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