Logging Drone Information

Our Setup:
Raspberry Pi 3

We would like to create a logging script on the Raspberry Pi that would allow us to store IMU information (accelerate, gyro, and magnetometer data), GPS data (location, velocity, etc), PWM values of each RC channel, and barometer data in a time consistent fashion.

Has anyone ever attempted to do something like that on the NAVIO2, are there existing scripts? How can I get access to all this data in real-time on the drone?

While I can see ways of how to get the IMU, GPS, and Barometer data over MAVLINK, I am unsure how I would get access to the PWM data internally on the Raspberry Pi.

Any suggestions, ideas, or solutions are welcome…


As a matter of fact, ArduPilot has all of this built-in. You can use its logging facilities. So just launch ArduPIlot, set DISARMED_LOGGING parameter and you get all of the logging data for free. You can also get this data in realtime using ROS.


@george.staroselskiy Thank you for your quick reply. That’s great. I will try that.

Does this form of logging include the pwm values?

Sure. Take a look at mavgraph that can be used as a log analyzer.

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