Log time and position (in any solution) directly from trigger events in logging Tab

Dear all,

I’m looking for a feature that I don’t know it’s available in Reach (2.7.3)

I’m working with a Reach onboard of a drone for mapping…

I integrated a camera (flash hotshoe) with my reach (using dedicated pin) to get the triggers while the drone executes the mission.

Normaly, I prefer to log the base and the rover to run a post processing like well known by all.

But, when we are in the field, a simple gps positioning solution associated with each trigger helps to check the sucess of the flight.

Can I do this with reach in the actual firmware version (2.7.3), without the need to convert the rinex to obtain the position from each trigger?

Thanks for any suggestions!

Best Regards,

Thiago Tiedtke dos Reis


Do you mean you wish to have the time mark tag inside the solution log? If I understood correctly, that is not possible at the moment.

Hi Egor, thanks for the answer!

Your understanding is correct… It’s possible to add this feature in a Wish List?

Best Regards,

Thiago Tiedtke dos Reis

Well, although definitely possible, it’s a little tricky, due to the fact the time tag position must be interpolated with the next solution and the solution code it not written to work across multiple epochs. I’d say post-processing is a more sane way to handle this.

I look into it, though, thanks for the request.

Hi Egor,

I understand the dificulties. No problem.

I’m Geomatic Engineer with some expertise in Geodesy and development. If I can help in something, (research, tests, etc), stay in contact :smile:

I have some GNSS receivers from Novatel where it’s possible to compare the timemarks in real time (or even rtk), in a future algoritmn for this purpose.

Best regards,

Thiago Tiedtke dos Reis

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Just for clarifications, do you consider clock drift when calculating the final event position in the _events.pos file? It seems to me that the raw .obs RINEX file and the final _event.pos file have the same time instances for the events, while the clock drift should have been taken care in the solution.pos file. It is not a major factor, since the M8T resets the clock drift after exceeding 1ms, but still a UAV flying 20m/s this is 2cm.

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Hi Egor!

I looked at it last night and the raw .obs timestamps and the .pos solution timestamps differ more than 0.01 sec, which is substantial. I am sure you handle it somewhere but I just want to understand what I see. Could you clarify how you do the event interpolation?


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