Log Split in one observation

Hi, I would like to observe about 6 hours. then now I try to download the rinex, the log split into 2 files. How to configure the log in order to in one observation I got one file.
Thank you

@dicky please provide more detailed description when posting questions. There is no log splitting in ReachView, so not sure what you are observing.

I observed using single configuration for 6 hours. From 8.45 to 14.45. when finished, i looked my logs , I saw there were 2 log files, even though i just observe one time, no restart.

When i started the button “start”, then i looked it worked, i go to gear bitton then push turn off wifi, so the application will connected to wifi after recycled power. Then i left it. once I watched whether the led alive or not. Until finished.

Thank you

What are the sizes of both logs?

154MB first and 213MB second, after download from reach.

There are split in 1 minute, i don’t know, but maybe powerbank didn’t supplied power on that time.

There is no force splitting on Reach, so most likely the device was rebooted.