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Hi all,

I integrate the reach M+ on a drone.
However, since a few times, I got bad solutions in post process (see the sreenshot below) I tried to see if in my rover obs I got bad sattelites signal, but I do not see bad signals. I do not know if there is a problem with my antenna, or the reach, or something else
You will find the logs for the rover and the base and the config I used for rtklib. If someone could guide me to find where is the problem, it could be kinds.

Thanks for your help

logRoverBase.zip (4.6 MB) logRoverBase.zip (4.6 MB)

Hi Emilien,

How does your hardware setup look like?

I would put some kind of shielding in between the GPS components and the drones electronics, but I am also interested in your M+ configuration. What does your satellite signal chart look like. Is there any one constellation in particular that struggled? I’ve found that L1-only devices are very sensitive to poor constellations.

From the GNSS track it looks like it had a really hard time acquiring good sat locks and then lost it again in the middle. Was there a battery swap?


Indeed, I was thinking about putting some aluminium foil.
About the GNSS track, there is no battery swap in the log I sent. But after comparing with log “working”, I feel like I had some micro cut-off. I will investigate by swapping with another reach and another antenna.

Aluminum foil works great. Make sure to put the shiny side down. I would do that before starting to swap components to keep the troubleshooting simple.

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Hi Emilien,

I’ve looked at your logs. It seems that something interferes with the signal on Reach M+.

There are a lot of cycle slips. They mean that the signal is disrupted periodically. This may be caused by electronic devices that produce RF noise to the signal. I recommend revising the GNSS antenna placement on the drone as Michael suggested.


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