Log loss on new FW

If there is possibility to revert back from ‘stable’ fw 26 to 26 Beta 2? If someone can send flash file or link? (For old Reach rtk and eventually separately M+) Unfortunelly that new fw sometimes lose log files.

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Hi @rccam,

You can only upgrade the version of the firmware. That’s why it’s not possible to go back to either the previous Beta or Stable release.

26 Firmware contains the main fixes and improvements from the 26 Beta 2 version, only thoroughly tested. Please elaborate on the issue with the logs that you’ve come across.

Do I understand correctly that sometimes the logs are not shown in the ReachView after the mission? Could you please specify how you turn the unit off? It’s important to shut it down through the Shutdown option after the logging was stopped so that the data is saved correctly.

Hi, I’m having same problem.

Hi @m.rocha,

The causes of the issues may differ even if they seem to be similar at first glance. So, we will need to get more details to check what may be wrong in each case.

Could you please clarify if the issue persists when you turn the unit off through the Shutdown option, as Polina suggested?

Our use of module in uav plus power connection nearly forces hard shut down. For older fw releases that works great. Additionaly there is function to power off wifi for energy optymalization, what’s with use of that? Plus new annyoing bug with freezing of 90% startups

Also new observation: after some of reebots(no matter hard/software) logging doesen’t stopping. Timer still working, log doesn’t split.

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Hi @rccam,

Could you please send a Full System Report from this unit to me? It contains detailed information about the receiver’s behavior that will help us check what might be wrong. You can download the report from Settings -> General -> Troubleshooting -> System report -> Full report.

If there is a chance that you could save the log manually, please share it as well.

I send PW.

Hi @rccam,

Thanks, I received the report. I’ll discuss your case with the team and write back.

Probably new fw 26.1 completely solved problems.

Maybe connected to:

  • Some cases when the receiver gets stuck in Time Sync mode
  • Some cases of Reach M+/RS+/M2 overheating

Hi @rccam,

Thanks for the update! It’s great to know that the 26.1 is working fine for you. In case you need any other help with your receivers, please let us know.

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