Log from RX?

I just got my RX. Is it so that I can not download logs for PPK? This is quite essential for me.

The RX does not support raw-logging.

You can’t do such thing with the RX. You should consider switching to an RS2/RS2+.

Hi @j.aho,

Reach RX is designed to work as RTK rover. So there is no logging option.

As @kostismagalios said, if you need to work in PPK or place your own base, it’s better to take a look at Reach RS2+.


Thank you for your answers,

I was planning to use the RX as a “portable logger” because it is small and light. I would have used it on radio controlled survey boat, ultra light towed sonar boat, kayak, bicycle, backpack, drone, etc. I have RS2:s and M2:s, but RS2 is big and heavy and M2 is not waterproof. So the raw logging is essential there. I also use the logs as a backup if something cuts my ntrip stream. I hope logging will be enabled in the future.

Another solution would be the ability to collect the points continuously like every 1/5 sec to 1 sec like in Trimble systems. I have made previously a feature request about this.


Hi @j.aho,

Yes, I remember this one! And I can say you’re not the one who would like to see this feature. We’re aware about this and considering adding such an option.

However, logging is a more difficult question. I understand your case and why it could be useful for you. But we don’t have plans on adding a logging feature to Reach RX. It was initially intended as RTK-only device and doesn’t even have enough internal memory to store the logs.

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