Log files import from ipad/iphone to desktop

hey guys

what do you guys use to import/log files for PPK??

from an ipad or iphone it allows to send an email to export the UBX file

but if i don’t have any wifi connection what app do you guys use to export or transport the file?

i have icloud but storage is full at the moment.

I doubt many people would do it this way, and it might be seen as a bit backward, but I use the USB cable and a Linux PC.

It is as simple as this at the command line:

mkdir todays_base_logs
(plug Reach in to PC with USB cable)
ifconfig usb0 up
scp -r root@1921.68.2.15:* todays_base_logs/
(remove USB cable)

After you run ifconfig to bring up the usb0 interface you can also open ReachView in your broswer by going to

That command backs up the entire ‘home’ directory, so it grabs all logs and survey projects.

The ipconfig line may be a bit different depending on your distribution/version.

I too have tried to use the iPad email route and it does not work consistently so I normally revert to connecting my laptop to the receiver’s hotspot and it is flawless. Only disadvantage I have experienced is that I disable my Ethernet before I join the WiFi.

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