Log File Lost during Transfer

Hi there,

I’ve got a weird problem, hoping someone can help me with a solution.

I had our RS2 setup as a basestation, it was logging for about 3.5 hours total @ 1Hz.
At the end of the drone flights, I connected via the ReachView app (using a Lenovo Android Tablet) and stopped the logging. I then turned the RS2 off and packed it up.

Once I was back in the office, I turned the RS2 back on, connected via the app again and went to download the days logs. My normal pattern is to save the logs to the tablet using FileManager+. From here, I then connect the tablet via USB cable to my laptop. I do this because the log files are often too big to email, and going via Google Drive is quite slow.

Normally this works a treat, and I’ve done it many times with no issues.
This time, however, I got an error stating that “copying file x to location y failed”.
No drama, I thought, I’ll just do it again. However, the log file (UBX) was missing - it had been removed! Normally with a successful copying process the log file remains on the RS2, so I’m unsure as to why the file would get deleted when the copying failed.

I’ve tried to connect to the device via SSH as suggested here:

However, while I can connect, the password “emlidreach” doesn’t not seem to be accepted.
Has this changed?
Any suggestions of other passwords to try?
Any other suggestions of how to have a look into the device to see if my logs are still there?

I’ve read several other similar threads but nothing has any concrete suggestions of things to try.

For the record, I’m using ReachView v7.6 and my RS2 firmware is v29.2

Hi Mike,

We don’t provide root access to Reach devices now. You can find Tatiana’s comments on the reasons in this thread.

But it indeed looks weird that the log disappeared after the unsuccessful copying. Let’s dig into it. Can you share a Full System report from the receiver and clarify the day and approximate moment when the log was recorded? The report may contain private info, so please share it via support@emlid.com.

Hi Kseniia,

Thanks for the message.
I’ve emailed the FSR through so hopefully the Emlid Team can help me behind the scenes.

I’ll post any resolution there that might generalise to help other users.


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Just closing out the issue:

It Emlid were unable to recreate the error (not surprising given its only happened to me once out of many times doing that exact workflow) so have no extra guidance or suggestions of how to prevent this from happening. The file was not hidden on the device, so was lost.

In the future I’m just going to ensure that everything has a good quality, stable connection (maybe there was a WiFi dropout that contributed?), and hope that it doesn’t happen again! if it happens again, I’ll swap from FileManager+.

Thanks to Emlid for helping out.


Thanks for summing it up! Just wanted to confirm that it looks like a one-time glitch with the manager app. But we’re always open to continuing the investigation if it occurs again.