Log current position on Hot Shoe Trigger

I’m currently using a Reach M2 for terrestrial photogrammetry where PPK is not really practical with regular sky obstructions. So I’m wondering if it is possible to log the current RTK position of the Reach M2 to a separate file when a hot shoe event occurs?

Can i write a custom python script on the M2 that will achieve this or is the system too locked down for this kind of customisation?

How long are your obs-times for each position?

Probably only a single epoch for each photo.

If I am understanding you correctly, this flow is precisely the same as a UAV would use?

Happy to be corrected on this but my understanding was that PPK processing requires at least 15-20 minutes of constant lock to be able to solve.

As I’ll have the antenna attached to a camera and walking around buildings and under trees etc it is very unlikely that I’ll be able to maintain lock for this duration.

Under tree and close to buildings and so on is always difficult for any GNSS system. However, you will still get a position out of it, unless it extremely dense. This position will then be from either fix, float or single solutions.

The good thing about the RS2/M2 is that because of the Multifrequency, the fixes are quite fast, anything from 10-50 seconds. That will drastically increase your luck under the conditions you describe.

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