Log conversion failed

When I try to download the RNIEX data ReachView says: “Log conversion failed. Downloading raw log.” all I get is a .log file.

What’s wrong?

I tried RNIEX v3.02 and then v3.00 but both said: “Log conversion failed. Downloading raw log.”

I just updated my Reach, and it now has ReachView version: v0.4.3 and Reach image version: v1.2

Is this a log that was created with ReachView v0.0.3? If so, it would have been saved with a different file extension and the log converter won’t recognize it.

For example:
rov_201606261313.log --> should be named --> rov_201606261313.ubx
ref_201606261313.log --> should be named --> rov_201606261313.rtcm3
bas_201606261313.log --> should be named --> rov_201606261313.rtcm3

If you need to convert an old log to RINEX:

  • you could download it and convert it youself with rtkconv.exe or convbin (make sure you specify the file format - it will not be detected automatically)
  • you could ssh into Reach and rename the log to give it the correct file extension, and then ReachView should recognize it and convert it for you

No, I deleted the v0.0.3 Logs, then I updated the reach, and finally did a few new log tests outside with the latest v0.4.3. But gives: "Log conversion failed. Downloading raw log."
I’ve tried to convert them using rtkconv using the ublox file format and also Auto format, but nothing ever comes out of the output file location after I click convert.

If you are getting a .log file, then it doesn’t sound to me like ReachView is really updated. I’m still at v0.4.0 so I will update to v0.4.3 and see if the same thing happens to me. Maybe try re-updating in the meantime.

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Yeah all I get is a single .log file
I’ll update again to see what happens.

I did the update again and that seemed to fix it. Now I get a Raw file with .ubx and RINEX file with .hnav, .nav, .obs, and .sbs :slight_smile:


Good job! :grinning:


I have the same problems as you. But I still can not download the data RINEX though I have an update ReachView version to v0.4.9

Try clearing cache in your browser and please use a modern browser like Chrome.

This unfortunately still can not solve the problem. RINEX data that can not be downloaded only on the single default mode

It works on all other modes except for single default? This is really strange. What is the device that you are using to access ReachView ?

seeing same behavior. just updated to latest 0.4.9 last night. using reach_single_default. chrome on windows 7x64. opened an incognito window and still same result. will try a second update and if that does not fix it will try a few other modes. will report back later.

Updating again fixed problem for me. Still 0.4.9. Sorry, I did not catch the Reach image version before I hit the updated button again. It’s at v1.2

Just a note in case anyone experiences this in the future:

I had troubles with this too, I believe one of my reach devices failed to update properly, as it reported it’s version as 0.4.9 and 1.2, however logs were still in the .log format. It had had troubles updating originally as well, with the firmware not persisting across reboots.

I downloaded the firmware manually and flashed it through the Intel Edison software, and updated the reach again. This time the firmware persists and the logs are in the correct format.