Locus GIS thoughts and looking for IOS solution

I’ve started using Locus GIS on an android tablet with a bluetooth GPS connection to my Rover for staking and collecting data. I really like how simple it is to use and the fact that it lets me use shapefiles without any hassle. I tried the QGIS Qfield option for a while but kept having crashes and freeze up on my various android devices. Yes, I know it’s not a free solution but after all the time that I wasted on trying to get the free options to work I’m willing to pay for simplicity and reliability.

So now one of my colleagues would like to use this on an Ipad but I don’t see where Locus works in the IOS environment. Does anyone use an app on IOS that works well with shapefiles that they can recommend? Anyone out there use Locus GIS and an Apple solution that can provide a comparison?