Lock map rotation to north?

I just updated to version 9.1.1 yesterday and now I am having some pretty major issues in Stakeout mode.

The automatic map rotation is really throwing me off when trying to find the precise point. Whenever I click the little compass icon to return the map to a north-up orientation, it just freely rotates again in a few paces (even when I try my best to keep the phone pointed north).

Worse yet, once I am close enough to the point to be zoomed in to the precision mode with the circle-in-circle view, I can no longer rotate the map back north from this view without pacing away from the point and zooming out the map first.

I noticed the App Store change log says that the old Stakeout mode is available by clicking the “follow” button on the map, but I can’t for the life of me find it.


Hi Nate,

Welcome to our community!

If the new stakeout mode is not convenient for you, first tap the compass icon. The map canvas will rotate to the north, then tap the arrow icon (see my screenshot). This way, the rotation will be locked, and you will see the change of the stakeout method at the top of the screen.


Thank you so much!

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