Location of Emlid use

Would a Emlid receiver work in countries that don’t receive CORS connections? I live in Belize, but I am wondering if it would even work in my country, or if there is some other way that I would be able to get around with not having CORS connection?

It all depends how you want to use it. If one unit is going to be used by itself, you’ll be able to use global post processing solutions like NRCan’s PPP. That’s mostly for static work though.

If you want to work kinematic, you’d be best served by a set of two units. There has to be a network of survey markers from which you can fork to your sites.

Another interesting way to work is to setup a permanent base at your office, connected to the internet, sending corrections through NTRIP. As long as you can have your rover unit connected with cellular data, you will have useful corrections within the 60km range described in the RS2 specs or 100km in PPK.


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GNSS receivers can work worldwide. For RTK without CORS, Reach can receive corrections from a local base via NTRIP or LoRa radio. To learn about point collection in RTK, you can check our guide about GCPs. You can also get separate points with Stop&Go - it doesn’t need any real-time connection between the units.

To collect points in a specific coordinate system, you’ll need a known point to set your base on. You can use an already established benchmark or determine the base position with the PPP method.

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